Census & Ownership Data FAQ

Do you send us census data to approve? We can can send you the census data we have for your plan or you can send us your data using our excel template. Tell us your preference on the compliance quest…

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Compliance Questionnaire Help Guide

Was your plan covered by a fidelity bond?. Most plans on our platform are required to maintain a fidelity bond (insurance coverage) to protect against theft. The minimum coverage amount is the greate…

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Fidelity Bonds for Your Retirement Plan

Under Department of Labor (DOL) regulations, your retirement plan will need to maintain an ERISA Fidelity Bond. A fidelity bond protects the assets in the plan from misuse or misappropriation by the…

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Fixing Common Plan Mistakes

There are two primary federal government agencies that provide programs for employers to correct plan mistakes - the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Department of Labor (DOL). Each agency h…

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What if I own multiple companies?

What if I own multiple companies? If you own multiple companies, you might have a control group or affiliated service group. Control groups and affiliated service groups can create situations where y…

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