How Distributions Work on our Platform

Updated 2 months ago by Richard Phillips, EA, AIFA, CPC, CPFA, QPA, QKA

Employees that have a distributable event that's authorized by your plan document may request a withdrawal (distribution) from their retirement plan account by logging into their account and accessing our online distribution form.

To help protect against fraud, our online distribution form requires employees to verify their identity before they're allowed to access the form. The identity verification process is facilitated through our technology partner, DocuSign. DocuSign asks the employee to upload an image of their government-issued photo ID and then uses those images to check the identity against databases that verify whether the ID is valid.

After passing ID verification, the employee can fill out the online distribution form and electronically sign. After they have signed, our support team reviews their request to make sure that there are no obvious conflicts.

Once the form has been review by our team, we will send the form via DocuSign to your designated distribution approver at your company for them to electronically sign. This is usually someone who is authorized to act as a "plan administrator" or an agent of your company.

After the form is electronically signed, our support team adds the distribution request to our trading team's processing queue and the requested assets are liquidated and disbursed from the plan's custodial account.

Distribution payments are in the form of a check and are mailed via first-class postage with USPS. However, participants can choose to upgrade to UPS Next Business Day mailing for an additional processing fee.

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