Census & Ownership Data FAQ

Updated 2 months ago by Richard Phillips, EA, AIFA, CPC, CPFA, QPA, QKA

Do you send us census data to approve?

We can can send you the census data we have for your plan or you can send us your data using our excel template. Tell us your preference on the compliance questionnaire. 

What if there’s a mistake in my plan's census data?

Not a problem. If we’ve sent you data and you notice that something is incorrect, feel free to correct it there. We’ll update our records when you send the data back to us.

If you’ve sent us data and you later realize there was a mistake, let us know ASAP so we can make the updates. Census data affects each phase of the compliance cycle so it’s very important to have accurate data. 

Why is a terminated employee included on my census data?

If the participant terminated during the plan year, they’ll need to be included on the census data since they were a participant for part of the year.

If the participant terminated before the beginning plan year they should not be included in the census data. Contact your service representative if you need to update your census data to remove the participant. 

I don’t have some employees' DOB / DOH / DOT / DORH. Is that okay?

In order to accurately perform compliance testing, we’ll need all of the employees' dates. Dates can affect eligibility and vesting, which is the foundation of compliance testing. We cannot move forward with your plan’s compliance testing if we don’t have complete data. 

I don’t know how to get my census data. 

That’s okay. Reach out to your service representative and we’ll be glad to assist. 

I have the census data but I don’t know how to put it in the excel template you sent me.

Let us help. Reach out to your service representative and we’ll walk you through. Alternatively, you can upload the data that you have through our secure upload link on the year-end webpage. 

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