How do I roll money from another retirement account into my retirement account with ERISA?

Updated by Richard Phillips, EA, AIFA, CPC, CPFA, QPA, QKA

To roll money from another retirement account into your retirement account with ERISA, you should first check to make sure your retirement account is one that your company's retirement plan can accept. Traditional IRAs are accepted and some Roth IRAs can be accepted too...if you plan allows for Roth.

Once you're ready to request your rollover, have your retirement account provider issue your rollover check according to the following instructions...

Make Check Payable To: Charles Schwab Bank, Acct # [Your Plan's Account Number],FBO [Your First & Last Name]

Regular Mailing Address: Charles Schwab Bank, P.O. Box 81686, Austin, TX 78708

Overnight mailing address: Charles Schwab Bank, 2309 Gracy Farms Ln. Austin, TX 78758

After your rollover check arrives at Charles Schwab Bank, we will deposit it to your retirement account and you will see the balance reflected in your online account and on statements as a "Pre-Tax Rollover" or a "Roth Rollover". We may reach out to you if there are any questions we need your help getting cleared up about the tax treatment of your rollover.

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